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United States of Secrets
A damning indictment of the Bush and Obama administrations and their
decision to unconstitutionally spy on Americans. Watch part one at Frontline

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Using the 'Top Secret' Stamp to Hide Lies and War Crimes (The Atlantic)

A New Cold War? Ukraine Violence Escalates, Leaked Tape Suggests U.S. Was Plotting Coup (Democracy Now)

Alfreda Bikowsky - Torturess?


"The Unidentified Queen of Torture" (The New Yorker)


Bin Laden Expert Accused of Shaping CIA Deception on 'Torture' Program

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Jane Mayer's reporting on torture
(How Bush/Cheney's America disgraced itself)
All sorts of stuff:
Federation of American Scientists
Secrecy Blog
The Government Doesn't Want You To See
The Edward Snowden Video:
The U.S. Government Has A Doomsday Airplane?

United States Government Secrets

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